Policy Data Lab

The accumulation of statistical evidence in the Policy Data Lab

We have established a Policy Data Lab to facilitate rigorous, data-driven policy research. Working closely with research fellows, Lab members will collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data, undertake social and other experiments, and apply machine learning in conducting big data analysis.


The Policy Data Lab supports rigorous, theoretically sound, data-driven policy research from both the qualitative and quantitative angles. In addition to offering research fellows access to a rich array of databases, members of the Data Lab engage in hands-on, interactive facilitation, collecting, organizing, and preparing datasets and undertaking research into various types of experiments and surveys. The Data Lab will also independently develop and publish original datasets.


The Policy Data Lab will employ a professional staff of data scientists, data librarians, data analysts, and other specialists.

Among the fullest array of social scientific databases of any research institute in the world will be made available to facilitate policy research, accessible to research fellows via an internal portal site.

Hands-on Support
Data Lab staff members will:

Original Databases and Indices
In addition to meeting requests from research fellows, the Data Lab will also independently develop original databases and indices.