細谷 雄一/Yuichi Hosoya

Yuichi Hosoya


Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University

Areas of Expertise

  • Political science
  • theory and history of international relations
  • contemporary European history


As a member:

New Order in the Asia-Pacific

Political and Diplomatic Review


Earned his BA in politics in 1994 from Rikkyo University and his MA in international studies from the University of Birmingham in 1996. Received his MA in politics in 1997 and PhD in politics in 2000 from Keio University. Has been an assistant professor at Hokkaido University, Keiai University, and Keio University, a visiting researcher at Princeton University, and visiting professor at Sciences Po, Paris (2009–10). Is a member of Prime Minister Abe’s Advisory Panels on Restructuring the Legal Basis for National Security and on National Security and Defense Capabilities.