平沼 光/Hikaru Hiranuma

Hikaru Hiranuma


Areas of Expertise

  • Natural resources and energy issues
  • environment

Research Unit

Resources & Energy


As the leader:

Energy Resources Policy

As a manager:

Energy Issues and Japanese Foreign Policy (2008)

Eurasia Information Network (-2014)

Japanese Energy Technology and Foreign Policy (2009)

New Order in the Asia-Pacific

Visualizing Sustainable Society in 2050 (2008-09)

As an officer:

Theory of Nations: Beyond Nation States (2007)


Received his PhD in Social Sciences from the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University. Worked at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., before assuming his current position in 2000. Is concurrently a member of the Sub-Committee on Energy Supply Issues, Science Council of Japan’s Committee on Supporting Reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake; member of the Expert Committee on Electric Power Transmission of Fukushima Prefecture’s Renewable Energy Promotion Council; and visiting researcher at the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency.