土屋 了介/Ryosuke Tsuchiya

Ryosuke Tsuchiya


Board Member, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research

Areas of Expertise

Medical care, community building, human resources development


Graduated from the Keio University School of Medicine in 1970. Worked at Nihon Kokan Hospital, National Matsudo Hospital, National Defense Medical College, and the National Cancer Center before becoming director of the National Cancer Center Hospital in 2006. Left the hospital in 2010. Participated as a committee member in the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare’s discussion panel on creating a vision for the future of medical care and served as chief researcher on a study into post-hospitalization medical treatment. Was a member of the Working Group on Life Innovation in the Gov- ernment Revitalization Unit’s regulatory and structural reform commission and an administrative program reviewer (for Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry programs) until March 2011.