川出 真清/Masumi Kawade

Masumi Kawade


Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University

Areas of Expertise

Public economics and finance, intra- and inter-generational income redistribution


As a member:

Fiscal Estimate and Independent Fiscal Institution

Tax Reform


Graduated from Osaka University (School of Economics). Completed course requirements for a doctorate at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Economics. Was an economist at the Ministry of Finance’s Policy Research Institute and, until 2009, an associate professor at Niigata University’s Faculty of Economics. Is now professor at Nihon University’s College of Economics. Has also been a visiting research fellow at the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office and visiting scholar at Queen’s University in Canada. Is concurrently a visiting research fellow at MOF’s Policy Research Institute and a commentator in the Policy Commentator Committee of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, Cabinet Office.