土居 丈朗/Takero Doi

Takero Doi


Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Areas of Expertise

  • Tax system
  • local finance
  • fiscal sustainability
  • social security
  • public choice theory

Research Unit

Economic Policy Studies


Macrosimulation Analysis of Personal Income Tax Reform (2018– )

Tax and Social Security Research Committee (2017– )


Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, Osaka University, and received his PhD from the Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo. Was an assistant professor and associate professor in the Faculty of Economics, Keio University, before becoming professor in April 2009. Became a senior fellow at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research in November 2018. Is concurrently a member of the Japanese government’s Tax Commission, Administrative Reform Promotion Council, Council for the Promotion of Social Security System Reform, Fiscal System Council, Industrial Structure Council, and Central Environment Council.

  • Publications

  • “Is Abe's Fiscal Policy Ricardian?: What Does the Fiscal Theory of Prices Mean for Japan?”, Asian Economic Policy Review, 18 (January 2018)

“Japanese Government Debt and Sustainability of Fiscal Policy,” (with Takeo Hoshi and Tatsuyoshi Okimoto), Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 25 (December 2011)

“Poverty Traps with Local Allocation Tax Grants in Japan,” Japanese Economic Review, 61 (December 2010)

“A micro-Simulation of Effects on Households of Introducing Child-Care Benefits: Using Data of Japanese Household Panel Survey (JHPS), Economic Review, 61 (April 2010)

The Public Sector in Japan, (with Toshihiro Ihori), Edward Elgar Publishing, (February 2009)

“Stably Securing the Financial Resources for Social Security and Fiscal Reconstruction,” Japan Medical Association Journal, 51 (March-April 2008)