青木 栄一/Eiichi Aoki

Eiichi Aoki


Professor, Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University

Areas of Expertise

  • Education and politics
  • public administration
  • public policy

Research Program

Reconstruction of Initial Teacher Education through Cultivation of Social-Mindedness


Eiichi Aoki is a professor of education and politics at the Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University. He received his PhD in education from the University of Tokyo in 2002. He has been a researcher at the National Institute for Educational Policy Research (NIER), an associate professor at the Graduate School of Education, Tohoku University since 2010, and a professor since 2021. He was awarded the Japan Educational Administration Society Prize in 2004 and the Academic Research Award of the Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration in 2015. His initial research focus was on intergovernmental relations in educational politics, and he is the author of the book Intergovernmental Relations in Educational Politics in Japan. Dr. Aoki is currently working on two main projects: the first on the work-life balance of bureaucrats and its socialization; the second on the political control of education in local and central governments.

Select Publications

Aoki, E. (chapter author) 2016. “School Education after the Great Japan Earthquake.” in Keiichi Tsunekawa ed. Five Years After: Reassessing Japan's Responses to the Earthquake, Tsunami, and the Nuclear Disaster, 133-150. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press.

Hori, D., Sasahara, S., Oi, Y., Doki, S., Andrea, C.-S., Takahashi, T., Shiraki, N., Ikeda, T., Ikeda, Y., Kambayashi, T., Aoki, E., & Matsuzaki, I. (2020). Relationships between insomnia, long working hours, and long commuting time among public school teachers in Japan: A nationwide cross-sectional diary study. Sleep Medicine, 75, 62–72.