岩渕 和祥/Kazuaki Iwabuchi

Kazuaki Iwabuchi


Areas of Expertise

  • Education policy
  • internationalization of education
  • import and export of education

Research Program

Reconstruction of Initial Teacher Education through Cultivation of Social-Mindedness


I expect to obtain a PhD in education from GSAS, Columbia University, in December 2021. In my dissertation research, I analyzed the policy process of Japan’s education reform for internationalization. My current research interest is the internationalization process and the involvement of non-traditional actors therein. Currently, I serve as Secretary of Southeast Asia SIG at the Comparative and International Education Society. In addition, since 2019 I engage in the summer workshop jointly organized by SKYLabo and PwC Japan, of which goal is to inculcate design thinking in female students in Japan.

Select Publications

Takahashi, F., & Iwabuchi, K. (forthcoming). A case study of a Japanese University. In M. Byram & M. Stoicheva (Eds.), The Experience of Examining the PhD: An international comparative study of processes and standards of Doctoral Examination. Routledge.

Iwabuchi, K., Hodama, K., Onishi, Y., Miyazaki, S., Nakae, S., & Suzuki, K. H. (2021). Covid-19 and Education on the Front Lines in Japan: What Caused Learning Disparities and How Did the Government and Schools Take Initiative? In F. M. Reimers (Ed.), Primary and Secondary Education During Covid-19 (pp. 125-151). Springer.

Iwabuchi, K., Komoto, A., & Shimizu, H. (2019). Tokkatsu Reform: Learning Better Together. In R. Tsuneyoshi, H. Sugita, K. Nozu-Kusanagi, & F. Takahashi (Eds.), Tokkatsu: The Japanese educational model of holistic education (pp. 197-206). World Scientific Publishing.