December 2, 2021

Shibuya Says Border Controls to Prevent Omicron “Just Buy Time”

November 22, 2021

Another COVID Wave Likely to Hit Japan, Shibuya Says, One to Two Months behind Europe

November 22, 2021

Research Director Iizuka Points to Causes of Negative Inflation

November 17, 2021

Japan’s Slow Start Lent Sense of Urgency to Vaccine Drive, Shibuya Tells Bloomberg

October 25, 2021

COVID Infections Appear to Follow Two-Month Cyclical Pattern, Kenji Shibuya Tells Washington Post

October 25, 2021

BOJ’s Kuroda Distorted Financial Market, Hayakawa Says

October 21, 2021

Parties in a “Race for Redistribution without Funding,” Morinobu Says

October 12, 2021

Senior Fellow Fukushima Engages in Strategic Dialogue on Emerging Global Realities

October 5, 2021

General Election Timed to Coincide with “Honeymoon Period”: Kato

September 30, 2021

Higher Public Approval of LDP Helped Lift Kishida’s Fortunes, Kato Tells Sydney Morning Herald