December 21, 2020

Senior Fellow Fukushima Collaborates with Atlantic Council Strategy Paper on China

Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima was among the 10 collaborators who helped produce the Atlantic Council’s “Global Strategy 2021: An Allied Strategy for China.”

The paper calls for strengthening likeminded allies and partners and the rules-based system for a new era of great-power competition and points to a need to defend against Chinese behavior that threatens to undermine core principles of the rules-based system, such as by prohibiting China’s engagement in economic sectors vital to national security, countering Chinese influence operations and deterring Chinese military aggression in the Indo-Pacific. 

The desired endpoint of the strategy, the paper notes, is not everlasting competition or the overthrow of the Chinese Communist Party but rather to convince Chinese leaders that their interests are better served by cooperating within, rather than challenging, a rules-based international system. 

The paper is an outgrowth of the Council’s D-10 Strategy Forum, “which brings together policy planning officials and strategy experts from ten leading democracies . . . for a dialogue on global challenges.” 

"Global Strategy 2021: An Allied Strategy for China"

Profile of Senior Fellow Akiko Fukushima