July 27, 2020

Board of Directors Announcement (July 2020)

The Board of Trustees of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research, at a meeting held on July 22, elected six members to the Foundation's Board of Directors. They will serve two-year terms through the 2022 Board of Trustees meeting.

The Board of Directors met earlier today to select the President and Executive Directors, as follows:

Board Members

Izumi Kadono    President (reappointed)
Sanae Oda    Executive Director (reappointed)
Yuichiro Anzai    Executive Director (newly appointed)
Mari Suzuki    Executive Director (newly appointed)
Toshihiko Fukui    President, Canon Institute for Global Studies (reappointed)

Masahisa Ikeda    Executive Group Partner, Asia Regional Managing Partner, and Head of Tokyo Office, Shearman & Sterling LLP (reappointed)