News Release May 7, 2020

Matsuyama’s Paper among 50 Most Cited in Journal of Economy Theory’s History

News Release March 4, 2020

Chief Scientific Adviser Matsuyama Appointed Resident Scholar of Chicago Fed

News Release September 19, 2018

News Release: Economist Kiminori Matsuyama Named Foundation’s Chief Scientific Adviser

News Release March 29, 2018

Notice of Name Change


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Web April 5, 2021

US Sanctions Slow Huawei’s Rise, Ke Long Says

Chinese tech giant Huawei posted considerably slower revenue growth in 2020, due largely to stiffer US sanctions. Interviewed on NHK World, Senior Fellow Ke Long noted that with pressure from Washington increasing under the Joe Biden administration, Huawei may have to shift its focus to selling low- and middle-end products to developing markets.

China’s recent surge in patent filings, he added, is not a sign that the country has surpassed the United States as a global tech leader. The source of US innovation is diversity, he said, something that China is not embracing.

“Huawei Growth Slows as US Sanctions Take Toll,” NHK World

Long Ke

Newspaper March 8, 2021

Latest Suga Scandal Likely Not “Fatal,” Sota Kato Tells Straits Times

Although a “wine-and-dine” scandal involving Yoshihide Suga’s eldest son has led to the resignation of the prime minister’s public relations secretary, the controversy is unlikely to prove fatal for the administration, Research Director Sota Kato told the Straits Times.

“Issues with the bureaucracy have been occurring one after another since the previous Abe administration,” Kato noted, “and people have become accustomed to this.”

Suga’s style of ignoring crises until “the public anger heightens,” though, does not instill confidence, as revealed by recent opinion polls showing him ranked fifth in the public’s choice for their next leader.

“As Public Loses Confidence in Suga, New Scandal Claims Biggest Scalp,” Straits Times

Sota Kato

Newspaper January 26, 2021

“Divine Winds” Needed for Suga to Stay in Power, Sota Kato Says

In a Straits Times article about Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s plummeting popularity, Research Director Sota Kato noted that the chances of “him still being prime minister at the end of 2021 is quite bleak.”

“Divine winds” (kamikaze) will be needed to blow on two fronts, Kato commented. “First . . . the economy makes a V-shaped recovery” thanks to COVID-19 vaccines, and “Second, the Olympics can be successfully held, causing a feel-good effect.”

“The public came to see Mr. Suga as a prime minister who is unable to take the initiative,” Kato added. “He needs to be more accountable, and to pray for the divine winds to blow.”

“Will Suga Still Be Japan’s PM at End of the Year?” Straits Times

Sota Kato



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