Assessing the Integrated Reform of Tax and Social Security Systems in Japan

Project Members

Japan’s biggest challenge is building a secure and vibrant society in spite of a declining birthrate and an aging population. We need redistribution policies to reduce wealth and income inequity and new approaches to building sustainable social security and pension systems. Policies for securing financial resources for such systems and promote economic growth are also needed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the policy agendas of the past. We need to make important new choices, such as how to share the roles of the government and citizens in responding to the pandemic and how the cost of a sustainable social system be shared among citizens, government, and businesses

Conflicts of interest among stakeholders are unavoidable when it comes to tax and fiscal policies. However, public finances, taxes, and social security systems are relevant to all citizens, whether rich or poor, elderly or working-age.

With the participation of Japan’s leading researchers in tax and public finance, this program will analyze tax and social security in an integrated manner, examine the need for digital transformation, and make concrete and feasible policy proposals. Furthermore, program members will disseminate their insights and publish recommendations on an ongoing basis to facilitate consideration by policymakers and present concrete and feasible options to the public.

Principal Investigator

森信 茂樹/Shigeki Morinobu

Shigeki Morinobu



岡直樹/Naoki Oka

Naoki Oka


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