Health System Innovation in the Post-COVID Era

Project Members

Health care system reforms have been often discussed in a short-sighted and patchwork manner, which has exacerbated system failures. However, reform without a vision does not open up future prospects and may not facilitate a national debate that is essential for major reforms. In particular, In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the failure of the existing health and social systems has been revealed in many ways. It exposed the fundamental challenges and inequalities in the health, nursing, and long-term care systems. On the other hand, digital transformation has advanced various system innovations, enabling scientific knowledge to be immediately shared across the world. In response to these trends, new solutions and business models are being proposed and tested globally. The present research will present a future vision of system innovation in the fields of health, nursing, and long-term care systems, and make policy proposals and recommendations that contribute to the system transformations.

Principal Investigator

小野崎 耕平/Kohei Onozaki

Kohei Onozaki



藤田 卓仙/Takanori Fujita

Takanori Fujita

諸岡 健雄/Takeo Morooka

Takeo Morooka

佐藤 大介/Daisuke Sato

Daisuke Sato


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