The Impact of Digital Transformation on Japanese Social Structure

Project Members

The Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation (CSTI) points to the need to build a digital social infrastructure that fuses cyberspace and physical space to address serious social issues, such as aging, environmental degradation, and pandemics, and construct a new, all-inclusive society. This is the core of DX (digital transformation).

However, Japan has been noticeably slow to embrace DX compared to other developed countries. Compared to advanced IT countries, investments in the cloud infrastructure that forms the basis of DX has not been increasing. While investigating the strategies, policy trends, and available data of each country, we will clarify the structural issues peculiar to Japanese society that are hindering DX. In order to overcome these issues, this project plans both empirical experiments and questionnaire surveys and will propose a DX policy roadmap to realize Society 5.0.

In this research, we will conduct empirical experiments on data standardization, cloud infrastructure, open APIs, and loosely coupled architectures. Based on this, we propose security policies and personal data policies. Also, we consider how to contract agile digital governance and foster the next-generation of IT human resource. Furthermore, we intend to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and the improvement of people’s lives in local communities.

Principal Investigator

須藤 修/Osamu Sudoh

Osamu Sudoh



原 翔子/Shoko Hara

Shoko Hara

加藤 綾子/Ayako Kato

Ayako Kato

松崎 和賢/Kazutaka Matsuzaki

Kazutaka Matsuzaki

満永 拓邦/Takuho Mitsunaga

Takuho Mitsunaga


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