Redefining the Teacher as a High-Level Professional: With a View to Ensuring Both Quantity and Quality

Project Members

Japan’s system of teacher education has undergone rapid change in recent years. We see more and more courses for those who want to become a teacher, but we do not actually know how they affect teacher education. Many who participate in teacher education courses do not even know how to pose questions to their teachers because of the kind of education they have received. If the teachers themselves are unable to ask questions, what kind of students will they raise?

In 2018, the education ministry attempted to re-examine teacher education by conducting an in-depth survey of the current state of teacher education. Without publishing what problems the survey revealed, the ministry nonetheless initiated another round of reforms in teacher education.

Can the changes being implemented actually address current needs? To answer this, it is essential to first ascertain what is going on. This project, therefore, will examine the kind of teacher education that is currently being offered at universities and publicize the results. This will be the first step in launching broad public debate on this issue and identifying potential solutions.

Principal Investigator

松本 美奈/Mina Matsumoto

Mina Matsumoto



貝塚 茂樹/Shigeki Kaizuka

Shigeki Kaizuka


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