Future Vision for Sustainable and Integrated Water Management (Vision for Sustainable Water Management)

Project Members

In this research project, we will clarify and prioritize the risks associated with water in Japan that are overlooked. We will publicize policy briefs to governments, local governments, politicians, and companies addressing the long-term efforts needed to manage the risks. Further, we will create general books and digital content on the web that will familiarize people with water-related issues, help build local communities, and promote water literacy.

Through expert hearings and civic workshops, we will articulate a vision for Japan’s sustainable management of water in 2050 and 2100 and at the same time conduct literature surveys, aggregate statistical information, conduct on-site reconnaissance, and investigate issues of concern toward its realization, using numerical simulations, if necessary.

We will then systematize anticipated issues, clarify overall insights and potential risks, explore preventive measures and solutions, and communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner in the form of maps and charts, potentially creating a Japan water atlas.

Principal Investigator

沖 大幹/Taikan Oki

Taikan Oki



橋本 淳司/Junji Hashimoto

Junji Hashimoto

中村 晋一郎/Shinichiro Nakamura

Shinichiro Nakamura

笹川 みちる/Michiru Sasagawa

Michiru Sasagawa


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