The Problem of Unclaimed Land: Analysis of New Policies

Project Members

Japan’s land system is at a turning point. A series of institutional reforms initiated in recent years, such as a revised Civil Code that includes new rules for the management of land whose owners are unknown and a new law that allows inherited land to be turned over to the national treasury, will come into force in April 2023, and registration of inheritance will become mandatory in April 2024. While these reforms will have a big impact on many peoples’ lives, they are still not well known by the public. Analyses of the reasons for reform and future issues in ensuring broad compliance are also limited. This program takes a renewed look at the series of institutional reforms taken to date and identifies the issues and necessary measures to ensure their full utilization at the local level in seeking solutions to land issues in the era of population decline.

Principal Investigator

吉原 祥子/Shoko Yoshihara

Shoko Yoshihara


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