Season's Greetings from the Tokyo Foundation



 (Back row, from left) Yumi Arai, Tomoko Yamada, Keita Sugai, Yoko Kaburagi (Director), Takashi Suzuki

(Seated) Mari Suzuki (Director), Mana Sakamoto, Yohei Sasakawa (Chairman of the Nippon Foundation), Aya Oyamada, Sanae Oda (Executive Director)


(English translation follows Japanese)


















Dear colleagues and friends of NF-JLEP,


At this special time of the year, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued commitment to the promotion of Japanese language education.


In 2016, under the new NF-JLEP financial scheme, we provided NF-JLEP fellowships to 12 outstanding graduate and undergraduate students engaged in Japanese language education at the Indonesia University of Education, Surabaya State University, and the State University of Manado. This is the second year under the new scheme for these universities, and we are pleased to have been able to financially support students with high potential to lead the future of Japanese language education in Indonesia.


We were also very pleased to meet many NF-JLEP colleagues during 2016. During our visit to Cairo University in April, we had a fruitful discussion about the new scheme.


And in late October and early November, we visited all three NF-JLEP institutions in Australia, giving us a fuller picture of the characteristics of the program at each school. We truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet school teachers who have been supported by the program and to visit their schools. These visits convinced us that all three Australian universities have been providing the kind of support intended to meet the needs of language education in Australia. We attended the National Symposium on Japanese Language Education 2016, organized by the Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education, where we witnessed the expansion of the network of language teachers in Australia. We appreciate the good work being done by the three universities to effectively use NF-JLEP in promoting Japanese language education.


We were very happy to meet with the contact persons of Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey and the University of Bucharest in Romania during their visit to the Tokyo Foundation to share updates on their NF-JLEP activities, and we had an unexpected but wonderful meeting with the contact person of the New Zealand program at the Melbourne Symposium!


NF-JLEP will be celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2019, and we will work hard in 2017 to further enrich this program, such as by launching grants for past and current NF-JLEP beneficiaries who wish to conduct research in Japan. The members of the Tokyo Foundation are eager to learn about as many individual beneficiaries as possible and broaden our network. We look forward to working closely with NF-JLEP management committee members to ensure the success of NF-JLEP in the coming year.


The Tokyo Foundation wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year.


Leadership Development

The Tokyo Foundation