プレスリリース March 29, 2018

法人名称変更のお知らせ Notice of Name Change

法人名称変更のお知らせ Notice of Name Change


新名称 公益財団法人東京財団政策研究所
住所 〒106-6234 東京都港区六本木3-2-1六本木グランドタワー34F
Tel: 03-5797-8400 Fax: 03-5570-6030
URL: Email:

TOKYO ― This is to inform you that the Tokyo Foundation board of directors has approved a change in the name of the organization. The new name, effective March 26, 2018, will be "the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research," an appellation emphasizing our dynamic reorganization into a more research-intensive institute for evidenced-based, theoretically informed policy studies.

As Japan's preeminent public policy think tank, the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research remains committed to evolving further into a leading voice in the global policymaking community and looks forward to continuing and expanding its cooperative relationship with all partners.

New name: The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research
Address: Roppongi Grand Tower 34F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-6234, Japan
Tel: 03-5797-8400 Fax: 03-5570-6030 Email:

There will be no change in our postal address, phone and fax numbers, URL, or email addresses.

For media inquiries, contact Public Communications at: 03-5797-8403 or