八田 達夫/Tatsuo Hatta

Tatsuo Hatta


Chairman, Asian Growth Research Institute

Areas of Expertise

  • Public economics
  • urban economics
  • international economics


Dr. Tatsuo Hatta graduated from the Faculty of Liberal Arts, International Christian University (ICU), and obtained a PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University. He has been an associate professor at Ohio State University, professor at Johns Hopkins University, professor at Osaka University, professor at the University of Tokyo, professor at ICU, and president of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Besides these academic positions, he has also served as president of the Japanese Economic Association, president of the Japan Law and Economics Association, an expert member of the Government Tax Commission, chairman of the Housing and Land Committee of the Social Capital Commission, acting chair of the Cabinet Office’s Council for Regulatory Reform, chairman of the Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission (EGC) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and member of the Council on the National Strategic Special Zones in the Cabinet Secretariat. He is currently serving as chairman of the National Strategic Special Zone Working Group and as a member of the Cabinet Office’s Renewable Energy Task Force.

Select Publications

Hatta, T., and Ouchi, S. (eds.) (2018), Severance Payment and Labor Mobility: A Comparative Study of Taiwan and Japan, Springer Nature.

Hatta, T., (ed.) (2018), Economic Challenges Facing Japan’s Regional Area, Palgrave Pivot.