Sylff Fellows Volunteer to Help China Earthquake Victims

Two teams of Chinese Sylff fellows traveled to areas most seriously affected by the May 12 earthquake in Sichuan, visiting local schools and giving moral and material support to surviving students. This was a rewarding experience for them, who report they were moved to see students trying to overcome their grief. The project was supported by the Tokyo Foundation.

The Tokyo Foundation had called out to the Sylff fellows in China for activities to provide relief to the victims of China's Great Sichuan Earthquake. Two volunteer teams centering on Sylff fellows were given financial support to carry out their activities. A report entitled " Supporting Victims of the Great Sichuan Earthquake " which was written by a staff member of the Tokyo Foundation who observed their activities, had been uploaded to this site a short while ago. As the Foundation has now received reports from the Lanzhou University and Chongqing University volunteer teams, the following is a translated and edited version of their reports... Read more (link to the Tokyo Foundation's SYLFF official website)

Tang, Songlin

Is a recipient of a Sylff fellowship at Chongqing University, China. Earned his M.A. in management in 2001, and currently working on his PhD at Chongqing University in the field of energy and environmental policy.

Zeng, Xianghong

Is a recipient of a Sylff fellowship at Lanzhou University, China, in 2006 and 2007. Currently pursuing a PhD in Lanzhou University's School of Politics and Administration.

Songlin Tang


Xianghong Zeng